Healthcare Products / Tubing and Molded Assemblies

To assure consistent quality for medical device and pharmaceutical applications, Dow Corning® and Silastic® brand tubing products are manufactured, packaged, and tested utilizing principles of GMP guidelines for both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Medical Devices.

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Tubing and Molded Assemblies

Description Typical Applications Biopharmaceutical and
Pharmaceutical Tubing
Silicone tubing
produced from
silicone elastomer
for transfer
applications in
pharmaceutical and
• Ultra-pure fluid transfer
• Filling machines
• Steam or gas transfer
• Cleanroom
• Veterinary
Dow Corning® Pharma-50 Tubing
Dow Corning® Pharma-65 Tubing
Dow Corning® Pharma-80 Tubing
• Extended peristaltic pump delivery Dow Corning® Pharma Advanced
Pump Tubing
• High/low pressure applications
• Kink-resistant
Dow Corning® Pharma-65
Reinforced Tubing
Description Typical Applications Molded Tubing Assemblies TDS
assemblies for
critical fluid transfer
• Biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical fluid transfer Dow Corning® Pharma Fabricated
Tubing Assembly (HCR-based)
Dow Corning® Pharma Fabricated
Tubing Assembly (LSR-based)
Description Typical Applications Medical Grade Tubing TDS
DuPontTM LiveoTM Pharma TPE Tubing is a sterilizable, weldable TPE tubing for biopharmaceutical processing for fluid transport and single-use bioprocessing applications • Fluid, media and solvent transport in biopharmaceutical processes and biotechnology
• Single-use assemblies
• Peristaltic pump applications
Liveo™ Pharma TPE tubing