Healthcare Products / Topical Excipients and Ingredient

The Silky Touch products are silicon-based excipients that can improve the bioavailability of the active drug, the aesthetics and the processability of topical pharmaceutical formulations (creams, emulsions, gels, ointments, lotions, sprays and stick formulations).

To assure consistent quality in pharmaceutical formulations, Dow Corning® brand topical excipient products are packaged and tested at the Healthcare Industries Materials Site utilizing principles of GMP guidelines for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

MORE: For regulatory information, see the documentation

Topical Excipients and Ingredient

Description Typical Applications Volatiles TDS
High-purity, volatile silicone
Fluid (hexamethyldisiloxane
and octamethyltrisiloxane)
Clear liquid
• Carrier for sprays
• Spreading agent
Dow Corning ® Q7-9180 Silicone Fluid
0.65 cSt
1.0 cSt
Volatile silicone,
(NF Cyclomethicone)
Clear liquid
• Volatile excipient
• Solvent
Dow Corning ® ST-Cyclomethicone 5 – NF
Description Typical Applications Fluids TDS
High-purity, non-volatile
silicone fluid (NF Dimethicone,
EP Dimeticone, EP silicone oil)
Colorless, odorless liquid
• Lubricant
• Emollient
• Skin protectant
Dow Corning ® Q7-9120 Silicone Fluid
20, 100, 350, 1000, and 12,500 cSt
A short, hydroxy-terminated
Dimethicone fluid
Colorless, odorless liquid
• Excipient for hydrophilic actives
• Lubricant
Dow Corning® ST-Dimethiconol 40
Description Typical Applications Blends TDS
A unique blend of silicone gum
(6%) in Dimethicone
Colorless, odorless liquid
• Lubricant
• Emollient
Dow Corning® Dimethiconol Blend 20
Blend of silicone gum (1%) in
Clear liquid
• Substantive carrier for sprays
• Spreading agent
Dow Corning® Silmogen Carrier
A dispersion of unique silicone
elastomer in volatile silicone
Translucent gel
• Unique, silky aesthetics (smooth, dry feel)
• Rheology modifier
• Thickener for silicone-containing formulations
Dow Corning® ST-Elastomer 10
Description Typical Applications Waxes TDS
Description Typical Applications Emulsifier TDS