Healthcare Products / Topical Ingrediens

Topical Ingredients support your needs for innovation and regulatory compliance in consumer healthcare applications. Over-the-Counter topical and medical device products to address scars, acne and other skin conditions are proliferating to meet their desire to feel and look good.

Dow Corning Topical Ingredients offer a broad product range with quality-grade and regulatory documentation for consumer healthcare to help deliver the performance consumers expect and to support the regulatory compliance you need.

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Topical Ingrediens

Description Typical Applications Fluids TDS
Clear, colorless, low viscosity; highly volatile
silicone Fluid; non-greasy feel on the skin
• Carrier for spray
• Spreading agent
Dow Corning® TI-1010 Fluid
0.65 cSt
Dow Corning® TI-1010 Fluid
1.0 cSt
High volatility; excellent spreading;
non-occlusive; smooth, non-greasy feel
• Carrier for spray
• Spreading agent
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
1.5 cSt
Lubricity; water repellency; non-occlusive;
smooth, tack-free feel on the skin
• Spreading agent
• Lubricant; Emollient
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
5 and 10 cSt
Non-occlusive; substantive; water repellency;
non-greasy feel on the skin
• Spreading agent
• Lubricant; Emollient
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
50, 100, 200, 350 and 1,000 cSt
Non-occlusive; water repellency;
substantive on the skin
• Film-forming agent
• Lubricant; Emollient
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
12,500 cSt
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
30,000 cSt
Dow Corning® TI-1050 Fluid
100,000 cSt
Description Typical Applications Specialty Fluids TDS
Foam builder; wetting agent; humectant Solubilizer and compatibilizer for active ingredients; Emollient; Dispersant
Dow Corning® TI-2011 SPE Specialty Fluid
Moderate volatility; non-occlusive; reduced greasy and
tacky feel of organic oils; smooth, light after-feel
• Spreading agent; Dispersant for
• Barrier film; Film-forming agent
• Dispersant for hydrophobic powder
Dow Corning® TI-2021 AMS Specialty Fluid
Description Typical Applications Blends TDS
Long-lasting; non-occlusive; smooth feel;
increased wash-off resistance
• Barrier film; Film-forming agent
• Lubricant
Dow Corning® TI-3011 Gum Blend
Non-occlusive; substantive; improved sensory feel in
formulations (smooth, non-greasy, non-tacky)
• Lubricant; thickener for anhydrous gels
and W/O emulsions
Dow Corning® TI-3021 Silicone Elastomer Blend
Description Typical Applications Resins TDS
Solventless; permeable film; excellent wash-off
resistance; sebum resistance; long-lasting
• Film-former
• Permeable barrier film
Dow Corning® TI-7012 Solid Resin
Permeable film; excellent wash-off resistance; pourable
liquid for ease of formulation; non-occlusive
• Film-former Dow Corning® TI-7021 Solid Resin Blend
Description Typical Applications Waxes TDS
Semi-occlusive material; wash-off resistance; broad
compatibility with silicone and organics
• Film-former
• Structuring agent
Dow Corning® TI-4021 Semi-Occlusive Wax
Description Typical Applications Emusifier TDS
Silicone emulsifier; 100% active • Versatile emulsifier for water-in-oil
and water-in-silicone emulsions;
• Hot or cold processing
Dow Corning® TI-6021 W/O Formulation Aid